Irish Elites Deploy Adoptees, Academics As Shield Against Unwed Mothers

Ireland's political, bureaucratic and media elites are using adopted persons and academics to substitute for the mothers who witnessed state-sanctioned genocidal practices in Mother and Baby Homes.First Mothers group has filed a complaint against RTE with the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland. Here's why.Philomena Lee - Does She Take Sugar?RTE's Claire Byrne Buries the GenocideRTE's Sean O'Rourke Keeps it in The FamilySix One News with Joe Little At LargeExaminer's Conall Ó Fátharta Buries the LeadKatherine Zappone Stacks the Political DeckEpilog
Philomena Lee and Kathy McMahon of Irish First Mothers
1)  Philomena Lee - Does She Take Sugar?

"U.K.‘s Radio 4 ran a series called “Does He Take Sugar?”, referring to when someone asks the carer about sugar, instead of directly asking the person..."
--Yvonne Rogers, Gary Marsden

Ms Philomena Lee, like most women from the Magdalen Laundries is by now in advanced years. On her most recent Late Late Show appearance …


"Las Vegas mass shooting suspect, Stephen Paddock
did not die until noon on the day following the attack."That's a startlingclaim, but it's seemingly founded on actual autopsy documents.

Don't be misled. Here's the cherry-picked part of the full report:

It's obvious that 1200 hours on the 2nd of October could easily mean midnight of the night before. Admittedly, 1200 hours could also indicate noon of the following day.

Which of those two did the report mean to say? Well, the very next page puts paid to any idea that Paddock had only passed away a few hours before his body arrived to be stored for autopsy four days later on the 6th October.

The coroner records that when the autopsy examination commences, Paddock's refrigerated body has rigor mortis which is beginning to fade.

Had Paddock been deceased only since noon, the speedy refrigeration of hisbody would have significantly slowed the rigor mortis cycle, and it's unlikely rigor would be already fadin…

Boris Johnson: We're Reducing Fire Deaths Despite Fire Cuts

In 2013, while under questioning from London Assembly members at City Hall, the then-London Mayor Boris Johnson was asked about cuts to fire services which had lost London 600 firefighter jobs and 10 fire stations.

Labour member Andrew Dinsmore asked him: “How can cutting fire stations, cutting fire engines, cutting firefighters posts not be a reduction in fire coverage?”
Boris replied: “Because we're improving fire cover, as I've said several times."

"How?" came a call from the public gallery.

"By continuing to reduce deaths from fire and continuing to reduce the incidents of fire," claimed Johnston. "That is the name of the game. It's not about....”

Dinsmore interrupted: “You’ve lied to the people of London in your election.”

“Oh, get stuffed,” retorted Johnston.

Johnson, who is now the UK's Foreign Secretary, yesterday tweeted: “My thoughts and prayers are with everyone caught up in the horrific tower block fire in London.”

Labour …

Corbyn: Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Statesman

Theresa May might well say: "if this is Victory, give me Defeat". But the reason for Jeremy Corbyn's combative declaration about imminently toppling her is that those sentiments are felt even more deeply by the Tory party itself.

The unfolding events since the election result have only deepened their concern. Their growing worries are felt across all political shades. The U.K. business and political establishment simply will not eat a May-baked Brexit cake topped with DUP icing. Here's an outline of the political dynamics now playing out and the rationale behind Corbyn's strategy.

Saturday's torpedoing of May's plan for a DUP-Tory grand coalition is the beginning of the end for her. It showed that she has no hand to play and demonstrated that the DUP have overplayed theirs. May's attempt to bind the DUP to the Tories in a formal coalition which envisaged junior ministerial posts going to the DUP was bereft of political nous.

It was quickly shot down …

Corbyn Missed Majority By 0.007% of Total Vote

Jeremy Corbyn missed becoming Prime Minister by a mere seven thousandths of one percent (0.007%) of the total votes cast in the 2017 U.K. election. That equates to just 2,227 votes which made the difference.

According to the London Independent, Labour lost seven constituencies to the Conservatives by the following narrowest of margins:

Southampton Itchen (majority 31);
Preseli Pembrokeshire (majority 314);
Hastings and Rye (majority 346);
Chipping Barnet (majority 353);
Thurrock (majority 345);
Norwich North (majority 507); and
Pudsey (majority 331).

Victories in those constituencies would have yielded 321 Commons seats for an alliance of Labour, the Liberal Democrats, the Scottish National Party (SNP), Plaid Cymru, the Green Party and one independent MP.

The total votes cast in the election were 32,094,534.

But Labour are not the only party entitled to lament the closeness of the result. The Conservative party was only 287 votes shy of their own sole majority.

The party lost narrowl…

Young Britons Will Put Corbyn Into Number 10

Photo copyright PA
by Fintan Dunne | Sunday 4th June, 2017 | 01.00BST
Data in a new Ipsos Mori poll are indicating that Labour are on course for a general election win – courtesy of a record young turnout, paired with disenchantment among traditional Conservative supporters.
Their survey, conducted last Monday and Tuesday put the Conservatives on a five point lead of 45-40 – but hedged its bets with an alternative analysis where all who expressed intention to vote were counted. In that case, Labour would have a 43 point score to the Tories on 40 points.

That alternative scenario includes the “don’t knows” and demographic groups historically unlikely to vote, including minorities, the under 35s and the poorest older people. The pollsters have good reason to second guess their official prediction.

There are three factors which will bring about a Labour victory -albeit in a minority government.

The Captain Ska Factor.
The Theresa Factor.
The Manchester Factor.

1. The Captain Ska Factor. T…

Frankie Gaffney: Non-Simultaneously Straight, While and Male

First : The "Straight White Male" /rants Further on: Feminist Hierarchy /replies

Identity politics is utterly ineffective at anything
other than dividing people
It is facile to equate ‘straight, white men’ with privilege
Fri, May 19, 2017, 01:10 by Frankie Gaffney

I grew up in Dublin’s inner city, an environment where poverty, violence, and addiction were normal. Given the odds I had to overcome to get where I am today, I thought I’d meet a lot of allies among those who preach equality. But instead, I was often met with open hostility, despite the fact I campaign on a variety of related issues. Why? Because I happen to be straight, white, and male.

Straight white male” is an identity I didn’t choose. I mean it wasn’t a decision I had any say in, what sexuality, race, or gender I am. I was born this way. But also, “straight white male” was never something I chose to “identify” as. At various times if you’d asked me about my identity, I might have said “Irish”, “a Dub”, or “workin…