Frankie Gaffney: Non-Simultaneously Straight, While and Male

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Identity politics is utterly ineffective at anything
other than dividing people
It is facile to equate ‘straight, white men’ with privilege
Fri, May 19, 2017, 01:10 by Frankie Gaffney

I grew up in Dublin’s inner city, an environment where poverty, violence, and addiction were normal. Given the odds I had to overcome to get where I am today, I thought I’d meet a lot of allies among those who preach equality. But instead, I was often met with open hostility, despite the fact I campaign on a variety of related issues. Why? Because I happen to be straight, white, and male.

“Straight white male” is an identity I didn’t choose. I mean it wasn’t a decision I had any say in, what sexuality, race, or gender I am. I was born this way. But also, “straight white male” was never something I chose to “identify” as. At various times if you’d asked me about my identity, I might have said “Irish”, “a Dub”, or “workin…

Corbyn Set For Victory As Yesterday's Woman Falters

When the snap election came, there wasn't a chance that Jeremy Corbyn could win. Or so said media elites and the chattering classes. But that was before the cruel downsides of a Tory victory became clearer, and before the Manchester Arena attack.

The British people have a stoic durability to their character. However that stoicism does not extend to them sacrificing their young children on the altar of the Elite's warmongering. At least in World War II, many could send the young and innocent away from the cities to sequester them in relative safety, while parents faced the horrors of gory combat. But not in the Blairite Britain inherited by Theresa May.

There has been 48 hours of quiet, stunned national reflection. It culminated spontaneously on Thursday morning as a grieving Manchester crowd symbolically disavowed hatred to sing a chorus from the Oasis classic 'Don't Look Back in Anger'.

The people of Britain are not prepared to spill the blood of their children. …

Open Letter from Kim Dotcom to Family of Seth Rich

c/- Aaron Rich
SETH RICH – DNC LEAKS Introduction
1. As you know, you and I have previously corresponded after I reached out to you to offer
my assistance with the GoFundMe campaign on behalf of the family of Mr Rich (family).
I understand from our communications that you are representing the family in relation to
the ongoing investigation into Mr Rich's death and I am writing to you in that capacity.
2. In particular, I am writing regarding recent statements about me that have been reported
globally (including in New Zealand) and attributed to the family. As set out in more detail
below, some of these statements are false and defamatory.
3. The purpose of this letter is to formally request that the family and their representatives
cease from making such statements about me going forward. This request is made in the
spirit of us constructively moving forward an…

The Liberal Order Is Rigged

The Liberal Order Is Rigged Fix It Now or Watch It Wither By Jeff D. Colgan and Robert O. Keohane
May/June 2017 Issue | Foreign Affairs

Prior to 2016, debates about the global order mostly revolved around its structure and the question of whether the United States should actively lead it or should retrench, pulling back from its alliances and other commitments. But during the past year or two, it became clear that those debates had missed a key point: today’s crucial foreign policy challenges arise less from problems between countries than from domestic politics within them.That is one lesson of the sudden and surprising return of populism to Western countries, a trend that found its most powerful expression last year in the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the EU, or Brexit, and the election of Donald Trump as U.S. president. It can be hard to pin down the meaning of “populism,” but its crucial identifying mark is the belief that each country has an authentic “people” who are held back …

US Vet In Murder, Suicide Was Whistleblower

A New Jersey congressman says a man who gunned down a security guard at a federal building in Manhattan before killing himself was a whistleblower who had been given "a raw deal" by the agency that fired him.
The armed US veteran named as Kevin Downing broke into a federal Department of Labor building in Lower Manhattan via a side door, shooting Idrissa Camara, a security guard in the head and killing him. He took his own life before police were able to arrive at the scene.
U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell said Saturday that his staff worked with Downing to resolve his case and says he has no idea why Downing snapped.
Downing was been fired from his job at the New York City office of the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 1999 for blowing the whistle on 'inexcusable taxpayer waste' according to a petition opened a year ago. The petition only attracted 48 supporters before it was closed.
In his statement of petition Downing says that "[BLS] management made an example&qu…

Greek Offer Puts Spotlight On Bankers

The dynamics of Friday's Greek situation are as follows.

Tsipras says he has a mandate for a deal not a Grexit. True.

Syriza is proposing near the SAME deal as it offered in June - one with wealth taxes the EU elites hate, but with even more austerity of the kind which Greeks just voted against.

Sounds illogical? The flip-side that mainstream media are leaving out of the picture (so as to paint Tsipras as a fool?) goes to the core of Syriza's ethos and position.

The flip-side is: DEBT WRITE DOWN, by any name you prefer.

The Banksters- more than the EU are --and have been- key holdouts. This Syriza offer is designed to flush them out. No Debt Write Down, No Bailout Deal.

Call the write down a reprofiling or a restructuring or call it an extension. Route it through any alphabet soup of acronymic institutions: ESM, EFSF, EFSM, IMF, KISS, MY, ASS.

But - No Debt Write Down, NO Bailout Deal. #OXI

Of course, in the event the Banksters force a Grexit, then the reform measures now alr…

Tsipras Watches the Withering EU Dream

I  just watched the dream of European Union wither before my eyes in the EU parliament during a seven minute gutter level, populist and outright lying haranguing of Alexis Tsipras - by so-called 'EU centrist' Guy Verhofstadt.

All of Verhofstadt's flourishing rhetoric - was just that: mere rhetoric. There was not even an attempt at balancing the gutter with the spire. Lies marched over damn lies. Gutter it was - all the way, until a self-satisfied Verhofstadt sat down.

Merkel-led, right-wing EPP politics has long already trumped true economics and has asphyxiated our aspirational EU ethos. Verhofstadt's liberal ALDE group is clearly comfortable with the EPP in that political gutter.

Their hysterical rhetoric is required as cover for their own failure. It was they who foisted upon Greece, two failed financial looting campaigns disguised as alleged 'Bailouts'. Thus did a banking class benefit from a cozy cartel with a political class. And still does - via the revolvi…