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From Irish Water To Jon Corzine

Irish Water PLC is a typical neoliberal privatization
looting raid which is set to benefit Ireland's
billionaire oligarch, Dennis O'Brien.

Irish Government minister, Alan Kelly TD is now the
lead advocate out selling the scam to the public.
That's him on the right below:

Left above is Alan Kelly's wealthy, well-connected
brother, Declan Kelly, Co-founder of Teneo Inc.
Yes, they do look a lot like each other.

When we say that Declan Kelly of Teneo is well-connected, we mean well-connected: Clinton works for Kelly - and vice versa.

Ex-Clinton-era White House staffer,
Douglas Band - is also a Teneo Co-founder.

Teneo is a private intelligence agency, staffed by
ex(?)-CIA folks, and peddling finance and influence.
Teneo is also deeply embedded in the
$200million+/yr Clinton Foundation:

As the above graphic indicates, Teneo was connected to brokerage firm
MF Global which famously went down in flames. MF Global was paying
Teneo $125,000 a month for public relations and fin…


MIKE BROWN PROSECUTOR SNOWED JURY WITH BAD WITNESSES TO CONFUSE THEM. At 9:16pmEST the announcement of the verdict in the Mike Brown case begins with picking apart the wildest allegations - such as that shots were fired into Mike Brown's back at close range by the police officer. By then proceeding to dismiss and discount these witnesses the prosecutor is using them as straw men to avoid prosecuting. His logic to the jury: the wild theories are false = therefore it was a lawful killing. I've no doubt that the jury was manipulated by cherry-pickingthe evidence presented to the grand jury - thus constructingfor them false Hobson's choices like: Either you think Brown was shot at close range.
It was a lawful killing.
The real choice for the grand jury was:
Either you think Brown was no threat to the officer.
He was a threat and it was a lawful killing.
At 15mins into the press conference the prosecutor is confirming that he wheeled out an array of clearly unreliable witnesses a…

Fine Gael Blows Hot and Cold On Rape

by Kathy McMahon, founder Irish First Mothers

Irish Taoiseach, Enda Kenny set aside almost two hours of his time yesterday, and devoted it to personally hear Maria Cahill recount her story of historic rape. But this striking commitment to a key issue for women is far from emblematic of Fine Gael in general.

Some months ago a delegation of women representing survivors of mother and baby homes, met then Fine Gael Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Charlie Flanagan --to discuss their concerns.
The Minister was requested to attach an outreach mechanism to any inquiry into these homes - on the basis that a high percentage of women coming forward to testify, could be expected to be concealing their status as victims of sexual abuse and rape. 

Care should be taken, the minister was told, that such women are sensitively handled - with a view to help them develop the confidence to voice these secrets and hopefully challenge historic perpetrators in court.
The Minister could see no basis for s…

Two Malaysian Planes But Only One Perpetrator

MH370 & MH17 : Two Malaysian Planes - One Perp

The Same Cabal Took Out Both Malaysian Airliners

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The March, 2014 disappearance of Flight MH370 en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing was a Black Ops precursor for the subsequent downing over Ukraine - designed to soften-up Malaysian air accident investigators and the country's bureaucratic elite and to facilitate intelligence penetration in the guise of search aid. The aim was to manage Malaysian reaction to the subsequent downing of their second Boeing 777 over Ukraine - while also sending a delayed warning to China which became explicit with that second downing.

Discussion and references here >

Gaza U.N. Official Collapses In Tears During TV Interview

UN Relief and Works Agency spokesman, Chris Gunness broke into tears during an Al Jazeera TV interview Wednesday about Israel's shelling of a school in Gaza.

The tank assault on the UN-run school sheltering hundreds of Palestinian refugees, left 15 people dead and approximately 90 wounded.

Here is a copy of a clip from Mr. Gunnes' interview for Arabic-speaking Al Jazeera:

Also view at: or
Mr. Gunnes also did an English Al Jazeera interview on the shelling - with full composure:

The aftermath of the attack. Read more here

Gaza: Forgive Us, Hindi Shadi Abu Harbied.

A beautiful young Palestinian girl is dead. 

But she was not killed by an Israeli bomb. 

Hindi Shadi Abu Harbied reportedly died of a heart attack, during Israeli forces bombing of nearby homes in Beit Hanoun, Gaza on July 14, 2014.

Think about that. She died of a heart attack. 

This innocent child died of sheer terror. A terror which grew so intense that it burst her tiny heart. 

By definition, then, she was murdered by terror - unleashed by 'terrorists', I suppose.

Whole Gaza neighborhoods have been decimated by these tactics. 

Not just 'surgical' strikes on identified individual homes. But methodical bombing, stepping down streets, house by house. Methodical human carnage and terror, unleashed on civilians. 

War crimes backed by our western leaders - who deem genocidal terror by the state of Israel, as merely a 'disproportionate' response.

Forgive us,  Hindi Shadi Abu Harbied.

Abir Elzowidi

U.N. Rights Body Rejects Ireland's Mother And Baby Inquiry Plans

THE UNITED NATION’S committee on human rights has told Ireland it is concerned at the lack of "prompt, independent, thorough and effective investigations into all allegations of abuse, mistreatment or neglect" in Magdalene Laundries and mother and baby homes.

In its concluding observations to a review, published today, the committee said it "regrets the failure to identify all perpetrators of the violations that occurred [and] the low number of prosecutions..."
The Committee said: "[Ireland should] conduct prompt, independent and thorough investigation into all allegations of abuse in Magdalene Laundries, children’s institutions and mother and baby homes; [and] prosecute and punish the perpetrators with penalties commensurate with the gravity of the offence..." The human rights watchdog also rejected the general basis of Ireland's previous inquiries into symphysiotomy and the Magdalene homes - including the system of ex-gratia, no-fault payments made to …

Irish Birth Moms Appeal To UN Human Rights Committee

Professor Sir Nigel Rodley
United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
20 July, 2014

Professor Rodley,

We are a group, scores in number of Irish mothers who gave birth in circumstances of exclusion and coercion within religious homes, state homes and other ad hoc facilities. 

We share and support each other in a Facebook group. We have met with Irish government ministers north and south as part of their public consultations regarding so-called "mother and baby homes".

We write to alert you and committee members that we rebut [see below] many specific claims made by the Irish government when responding to your committee's recent questions put to it.

We write to alert you that the planned unwed mothers and babies inquiry is taking the same shape as have previous "inquiries" - with the same defects you and the committee members have already identified in previous inquiries.

We urge you to note these reservations in your concluding remarks in re Ireland and to impres…

Twitter Account of Kiev Air Traffic Controller Carlos Vanishes

By Fintan Dunne 19 July 2014 @ 11GMT

Why does a guy with over 10,000 Tweets and over 11,000 Followers just vanish off Twitter within hours of tweeting hot information about the MH17 air disaster. Inquiring minds, want to know.

The Story So Far:
So, I'm friends with Asia Times journalist, Pepe Escobar on FB. And yesterday I posted about one of Pepe's key sources for hot skinny on the MH17 Malaysia Air crash: an air traffic controller from Spain called "Carlos" - who is/was working at Kiev's Borispol airport and who tweets as

Well, today, he tweets no more. At 2am on 19th July, 2014, I discovered that his twitter account with around 11,500 followers - no longer exists. Carlos said MH17 was taken down by Ukranian military.

Here's an archived backup of the google cache of his twitter account. 

Here's a key article abour the "Carlos" revelations and a list of further vital hyperlinks to find out more:
Spanish Air Controller @…

Boycott Ireland's Fake "Dead Babies" Inquiry

Boycott Ireland's Fake "Dead Babies" Inquiry

 July 17th, 2014

The Irish government just did a u-turn on the road to an effective judicial inquiry into practices which led to the uncovering of one likely mass grave of infants.

International media pressure had impelled the June 4th, 2014 announcement by the government that they would consult widely, form firm terms of reference and then launch a robust statutory inquiry. For a while, the administration's resolve seemed genuine, but announcements in the last 48 hours evidence a shambolic travesty.

Just days ahead of the planned announcement of the inquiry terms of reference, government 'leaks' to media began hinting that final terms of reference would be deferred to autumn.

That means the consultative process was a sham. What gave that process credibility was the assurance that even as consultation progressed, the relevant civil servants were burning midnight oil to process this wide consultation and meet the governm…

Irish Misogynists Deaf To Mothers' Screams

by Fintan Dunne, PRO Irish First Mothers group 15-July-2014

It may look like the TV studio for Monday's 'Tonight' show on Ireland's TV3 - with guest presenter, Tom McGurk. But it's really the locker room at a Dublin South-East 'rugger' club - where randomly-selected women are 'cows' and those who definitely don't want the 'leg over' are 'fekkin' lezzers'.

It was 'sports journalist' night on Monday. McGurk was joined by fellow sports hack, Eoghan Corry - with journo and documentary-maker, Yvonne Judge there to become the meat in their misogynist sandwich.

McGurk should have know better than to ask a woman for her opinion. But, luckily he did know how to interrupt, belittle and ignore her reply. As did his foil, 'Sancho Panza' Corry. The duo batted the issue of the torture of women back and forth with gusto. 

Earlier Monday, according to the, the 'Survivors of Symphysiotomy' group had told a UN Hu…

Adoption Reconnection, Heartbreaks and Joys

LISTENmp3:Lorraine Dusky - Kathy McMahon
Lorraine Dusky, USA and Kathy McMahon, Ireland
speak with Fintan Dunne about the heartbreaks
and joys of adoption and reconnection.

First Mothers Forum - Lorraine
Irish First Mothers Group - Kathy

How Ireland Snatched My Beautiful Baby

by Kathy McMahon 
with Fintan Dunne

Ireland, my native country, mobilized the State to illegally snatch my baby from me -and nothing can ever undo the damage inflicted on me and on tens of thousands of innocent Irish mothers.

I was tried and fraudulently found guilty in the kangaroo courts of Catholic Ireland - and I was sentenced to have my own flesh and blood torn from me.

Instead of helping me defend my parental rights, the Irish government and the Irish Catholic Church conspired to construct a sham legal process based on coerced consent in order to steal my child.

But don't take my word for it. Take Michael Viney's word - word for word.

My child was taken in 1974. Just ten years earlier, a 1964 article by Michael Viney of the Irish Times, details alleged "progress" made on adoption issues as justice minister, Mr C. J. Haughey steered that year's  version of the 1952 Adoption Act into law.
(Aside: afterwards, the Irish Catholic Archbishop of Dublin, John Charles McQu…

Adoption Tracing Reform Needs No Referendum

LISTENmp3:Dr. Conor O'Mahony
Dr. Conor O Mahony speaks with Fintan Dunne 
about Ireland's adoptee birth information laws.

Adoption Tracing and the Constitution: No Referendum Required
by Dr. Conor O Mahony

How Many Babies Fit In An Irish Septic Tank?

News that between 1925 and 1961 around 800 deceased 'illegitimate' babies had been interred in a septic tank by Irish Catholic nuns, has by now swept around the world. But, back in Ireland, the quibbling has already begun.

The Irish Times yesterday headlined "trouble with the septic tank story", questioning the size of the tank where Tuam local, Barry Sweeney discovered skeletal infant remains, quoting Sweeny's estimate that the tank's concrete cover stone was "little bigger than his coffee table".

Only about 20 babies were in the septic tank, it now seems. The balance of the 796 infants lie unmarked under the plain meadow around the tank. That's a mere 20 in the tank and 776 in the meadow. Had the figure been, say: over 100 in the tank, we might have had a real problem there.

Within 45 minutes of that Irish Times report, one Catholic apologist was greeting the clarification with glee, cheering that: "there is no way that you would squeeze …

Ken Kesey's Pranksters Take It 'Furthur'

Furthur 1964 - 2014
On the Bus, with Merry Pranksters, Cameras and Frivolous Fun >

LISTEN mp3 : Zane Kesey

Furthur Bus 50th Anniversary Trip

Celebrating 1964 when Ken Kesey and the Merry Band of Pranksters,
bankrolled with funds from One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, set out
aboard the 'Furthur' school bus with film and audio equipment, garbed
in colorful striped shirts, having splashed paint across the bus, strapped
speakers on the top, and convincing beatnik hero Neal Cassady to drive
Furthur.... the Pranksters headed east.

This Summer of 2014 Ken's son, Zane Kesey, along with
Pranksters old and new will head across the USA - Even Further!