Gaza: Forgive Us, Hindi Shadi Abu Harbied.

A beautiful young Palestinian girl is dead. 

But she was not killed by an Israeli bomb. 

Hindi Shadi Abu Harbied reportedly died of a heart attack, during Israeli forces bombing of nearby homes in Beit Hanoun, Gaza on July 14, 2014.

Think about that. She died of a heart attack. 

This innocent child died of sheer terror. A terror which grew so intense that it burst her tiny heart. 

By definition, then, she was murdered by terror - unleashed by 'terrorists', I suppose.

Whole Gaza neighborhoods have been decimated by these tactics. 

Not just 'surgical' strikes on identified individual homes. But methodical bombing, stepping down streets, house by house. Methodical human carnage and terror, unleashed on civilians. 

War crimes backed by our western leaders - who deem genocidal terror by the state of Israel, as merely a 'disproportionate' response.

Forgive us,  Hindi Shadi Abu Harbied.

Abir Elzowidi 


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