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Occupy Houston - The 'Mouse' That Roared

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Guest: 'Mouse' - Occupy Houston Livestream Host15th Dec, 2011

Occupy Houston's prolific Livestreamer has been with the protest for two months. He updates on latest actions and keeps viewers up to speed on breaking occupy developments across the USA.

View Photos of the camp and Occupy Houston protest actions >

Did Egypt's Revolt Really Succeed?


Guest: Prof Paul E. Amar11th Feb, 2011

Even as Egyptians celebrate in the streets, many outside the country are wondering: how deep run this revolution? Can it be reversed?

The answers lie in understanding the social, political and the economic factors driving the uprising - as outlined by our guest Professor Paul E. Amar, of the Global & International Studies Program, at University of California, Santa Barbara --who specializes in international security studies, political sociology, global ethnography, and gender/race/postcolonial theory.

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Activists To Try Occupy Mubarak Palace Tuesday

by Fintan Dunne - Monday 31st Jan, 2011 - 11:30pm Cairo time

Street activists in Cairo have upped the ante on the Mubarak regime with a plan to march on the presidential home Tuesday to take possession of it for the people.

Speaking live on AlJazeera in Cairo late Monday Hossam el-Hamalawy, an Egyptian socialist activist and blogger said that protest groups who have occupied Tahrir Square in Cairo decided to march on Mubarak's
presidential palace tomorrow and occupy it.

The move raises the stakes on the army's guarantee today that it will not use force on protesters pursuing their rights lawfully.

It also sets the scene for a potential bloody clash between the protesters and the regime's regular and irregular security forces.

This decision by street activists may also be designed to retake the initiative by the grassroots groups who have fought the regime --vying for power with existing political groups who are reportedly gathering around the leadership of Mohamed ElBaradei…

Revolution Wins - Clocks Ticks for Mubarak

--Revolution in Egypt has succeeded
--De Facto Collapse Of Army Command Control
--Mubarak Regime Clock on 48hr Deadline
--Protesters Battle to Destroy Interior Ministry

by Fintan Dunne - 4:00pmEST Saturday 29th Jan. 2011

As per our call at that time, the moment the Egyptian Army was deployed on the street, marked the fall of the current Regime. The success of the Revolution is now a question of degree only.

The most telling demonstration of the current situation on Saturday evening in Egypt, is that a pitched battle with gunfire has been waged all day between protesters trying to destroy the Interior Ministry and the Regime thugs defending --yet the Army has not intervened to stop the clashes or defend the Ministry.

That is ominous for the Presidency, and an indication of the degree to which the military command is constrained in action.

The deployment of the army was a necessary step to prevent the destruction of cities after the Regime had blinked and voluntarily withdrew it's h…

Arizona Shooter: Mad with a Bird on My Shoulder

You shouldn't be afraid of the stars...
There's a new bird on my right shoulder...
It's with one large red eye with a light blue iris.
That's Jared Loughner's most pivotal rant above. From his Internet tracks we already know he posted a lot about NASA. Now note his references above to the stars and to a new bird on his right shoulder --with one large red eye with a light blue iris.

And recall that  NASA astronauts/team wear the mission patch on the shoulder; and that Giffords' husband, Mark Kelly, will be the commander of the next generation Orion spacecraft; and that the slang for a new aircraft is a "new bird"; and observe the NASA Orion mission patch.

That patch ties in all Loughner's references: it's a new bird patch for the shoulder, with stars, one red eye and a light blue iris. And Loughner, with this strange bird on his shoulder is playing a demented Long John Silver to NASA's straight-man.

Loughner had met Giffords at least once bef…