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From Irish Water To Jon Corzine

Irish Water PLC is a typical neoliberal privatization
looting raid which is set to benefit Ireland's
billionaire oligarch, Dennis O'Brien.

Irish Government minister, Alan Kelly TD is now the
lead advocate out selling the scam to the public.
That's him on the right below:

Left above is Alan Kelly's wealthy, well-connected
brother, Declan Kelly, Co-founder of Teneo Inc.
Yes, they do look a lot like each other.

When we say that Declan Kelly of Teneo is well-connected, we mean well-connected: Clinton works for Kelly - and vice versa.

Ex-Clinton-era White House staffer,
Douglas Band - is also a Teneo Co-founder.

Teneo is a private intelligence agency, staffed by
ex(?)-CIA folks, and peddling finance and influence.
Teneo is also deeply embedded in the
$200million+/yr Clinton Foundation:

As the above graphic indicates, Teneo was connected to brokerage firm
MF Global which famously went down in flames. MF Global was paying
Teneo $125,000 a month for public relations and fin…