Arizona Shooter: Mad with a Bird on My Shoulder

You shouldn't be afraid of the stars...
There's a new bird on my right shoulder...
It's with one large red eye with a light blue iris.

That's Jared Loughner's most pivotal rant above. From his Internet tracks we already know he posted a lot about NASA. Now note his references above to the stars and to a new bird on his right shoulder --with one large red eye with a light blue iris.

And recall that  NASA astronauts/team wear the mission patch on the shoulder; and that Giffords' husband, Mark Kelly, will be the commander of the next generation Orion spacecraft; and that the slang for a new aircraft is a "new bird"; and observe the NASA Orion mission patch.

That patch ties in all Loughner's references: it's a new bird patch for the shoulder, with stars, one red eye and a light blue iris. And Loughner, with this strange bird on his shoulder is playing a demented Long John Silver to NASA's straight-man.

Loughner had met Giffords at least once before in 2007, had asked her a question and later told Caitie Parker that Giffords was "stupid and unintelligent." He had nevertheless subscribed to her YouTube channel.

According to Ms. Parker's tweeted comments Loughner was a liberal at the time he met Giffords. It's possible that she was less impressed with him when they met than Loughner expected. Subsequently, Loughner's politics veers away from Giffords towards the other side of the aisle. Perhaps an immature rejection anger, in his case, became mired in his deepening mental illness. Turning slowly into a homicidal fixation driven by hate and ego.

He hated the successful; hated Giffords' and her husband; hated he couldn't be a US Army or NASA hero.

His was a well-planned murder/revenge, merely masquerading as a political killing. He would strike down the successful and powerful -assuaging his hatred. To placate his beyond rational ego, his plan was a rival "mission" to NASA's Orion: his 'Pirate' mission was going to launch himself into the stars: as a new Star!

And he knew at some level it was evil. That's why he makes reference to 'conscience dreaming', instead of the proper phrase: 'conscious dreaming'. He is suppressing his conscience -which tells him his plan is evil.

In psychological terms, the bird represents the demon. And it's the bird who makes that internet posting. It is announcing that it has overthrown rationality to enthrone itself as a demon. The rest is history.

In court, ABC News said he was smirking. They're right. But not right. He couldn't help the 'smirk.' And it's not a smirk. It's the black hole of lunacy. As Loughner's mugshot clearly demonstrates. No wonder the first Wall Mart clerk wouldn't sell him an extended clip for the Glock!

What on Earth happened to the teenageer on the left below which turned him into the homicidal maniac on the right?!?


  1. There is a reason, you know, for why the phrase "The Eagle has landed" is important in our culture.

  2. As you may know by now, unfortunately for the young man in the photo on the left... news crews here in Tucson made a very BIG mistake by broadcasting a photo of a completely different and innocent young man. So the young man pictured on the left is not even the same person as Jared Loughner on the right, literally. Not figuratively. I felt/feel awful for the poor kid who had his face all over the news for something he wasn't even connected to.


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