Irish Misogynists Deaf To Mothers' Screams

by Fintan Dunne, PRO Irish First Mothers group 15-July-2014

It may look like the TV studio for Monday's 'Tonight' show on Ireland's TV3 - with guest presenter, Tom McGurk. But it's really the locker room at a Dublin South-East 'rugger' club - where randomly-selected women are 'cows' and those who definitely don't want the 'leg over' are 'fekkin' lezzers'.

It was 'sports journalist' night on Monday. McGurk was joined by fellow sports hack, Eoghan Corry - with journo and documentary-maker, Yvonne Judge there to become the meat in their misogynist sandwich.

McGurk should have know better than to ask a woman for her opinion. But, luckily he did know how to interrupt, belittle and ignore her reply. As did his foil, 'Sancho Panza' Corry. The duo batted the issue of the torture of women back and forth with gusto. 

Earlier Monday, according to the, the 'Survivors of Symphysiotomy' group had told a UN Human Rights Committee that:  "women were operated upon wide awake and often screaming: those who resisted were physically restrained."

Later, the Irish Examiner front-paged the UN committee's spotlight on mother and baby homes and its challenge to the Irish Government on: "why it refuses to accept any responsibility for the years of abuse and neglect suffered by Irish women and children and why it is so reticent to investigate them fully".

For years, the Irish media have been full of heartfelt personal testimony -mostly by mothers, who were victims of horrific social policies. These women and their represetatives have been "telling tales" to outsiders. To the U.N., no less! Eoghan Corry would dismiss them all as "lobbyists".

Listen in as, live on TV, Tom McGurk asked a woman(!?) her opinion about all this:

Tonight on TV3 Monday 14th July, 2014 Video Transcript

Tom McGurk: Can I move you to the Examiner's lead story, Yvonne on the "State's record on abuse slammed by the U.N."? The Government appeared before the U.N. <pause> <sigh>. I mean how does the U.N. know better than what we know?

Yvonne Judge: Well it's the U.N Human Rights Committee...

Tom McGurk: Yeah.

Yvonne Judge: ... has asked the Government why it refuses....

Tom McGurk: But.... But...

Yvonne Judge: accept responsibility for the years of abuse, which is a fair point. And also th......

Tom McGurk: No, but... No, but... they've also condemned former president, McAleese's husband, and suggested that his report on the Magdalen laundries is not the truth! 

Eoghan Corry: Because, they went to the movies. <pause>

Tom McGurk: Yeah, that is the quality of this U.N committee. 

Yvonne Judge: Well, eh....

Tom McGurk: They get their information from the movies.

Yvonne Judge: Well... <slight laugh>....

Eoghan Corry: The Magdalen movie and the Evelyn is the basis of what most people know, internationally about what happened in Ireland.

Yvonne Judge: And now Philomena, as well. 

Tom McGurk: Would the U.N. not have better sources?

Yvonne Judge: Oh.....

Eoghan Corry: Well they will, of course. I mean, they will have <pause> lobbyists, of all descriptions.

Tom McGurk: But... but, to what end is this U.N committee set up? 

Yvonne Judge: I think they're saying....

Tom McGurk: I mean.... I mean there is Israel breaking every U.N. resolution possible, and.. and... you have the U.N. committee questioning.... questioning where WE stand!?

Eoghan Corry: Because that's what they do.... that's what they're supposed to do.

Tom McGurk: But... but, to what end?

Eoghan Corry: I mean, we're.... when they do it in Syria, we sorta say: "Oh, yeah. Good." Somebody moves in on, eh....

Tom McGurk: Does it change anything?

Yvonne Judge: No, of course it doesn't. But there is a valid point, that while....

Eoghan Corry: If they'd done it in the 50's, Tom, they're mightn't be a problem. Take on the group think. Take on the group think that was going on in Ireland.

Yvonne Judge: But is....

Tom McGurk: Ok. <with finality>

Yvonne Judge: ...there not a case that we have apologised, but not accepted responsibility? <voice trailing off, plaintively>....

Tom McGurk: Ok. Let's go on to the Star, Irish Daily Star: "Show's Over". And Garth Brooks...... 

WATCH VIDEO @ 41 mins

So, there you go. Mistreatment of Palestinians is disgusting. Mistreatment of Irish women is folklore by "lobbyists". Whou'da thunk! Especially from Tom McGurk who should know better and who -to his credit- once took time to force open the editorial gates at RTE, so that I could get on air to make important points about male suicide.

So, politely email TV3 if you'd like a
less rugby club jacks and a little more 21st century.


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