Adoption Reconnection, Heartbreaks and Joys

Lorraine Dusky, USA and Kathy McMahon, Ireland
 with Fintan Dunne about the heartbreaks
and joys of adoption and reconnection.


First Mothers Forum - Lorraine
Irish First Mothers Group - Kathy


  1. Kathy & Lorraine you make us proud! Thank you Namaste <3

    1. Thank you ! I forgot how long ago this interview was but we are still here, going strong-=-I write at First Mother Forum.

  2. Hello, I read your areticle and could not agree more. I also had a daughter named Regina born 1966. I was a resident of Regina Residencenter in 1969. I kept my daughter and never regreted it. She is now 44 and I am blessed with 2 beautiful grandchildren.I had seen many girls who had given their babies up for adoption. Some of who regretted it..

  3. What a wonderful interview, Lorraine. (And Kathy, of course)
    I am an adoptive mother trying to do her best by her children and your priceless insights are always very helpful to me. Without people like you to verbalise the incontrovertible truth, the hurt would just continue for adopted people. Keep up the good work.
    Mari (Ireland)


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