Smell the Rat as "Saddam" Lawyers Exit


by Fintan Dunne, 23rd August, 2005

OK. Maybe you have lingering doubts. All those websites we listed as CIA Fakes couldn't possibly be run or influenced by the agency. Could they?

So, as the non-fake, actual journalist harping on and on about that not being Saddam, since 7 hours after they "caught" him, it gives me great pleasure to finally report that "Saddam" has just fired his lawyers.

This is the third and largest legal sacking in the Saddam trial. Which just about shreds any remaining credibility this PsyOp impostor had left. Fool me once?

Three months ago, to the day, on the record, here, we predicted a pretext would be found to pull the international legal team off the case. Now it's happened. Why?

Because it's one thing pawning off photo stills and video to a compliant media (alternative included), but it's quite another to have up to 1,500 nosy volunteer lawyers and 22 lead lawyers permanently poking around in the Saddam 'trial':
"The judge asked president Saddam Hussein about his family's statement that his legal team had been fired and he confirmed it," Khalil Dulaimi, the only lawyer authorized to represent the toppled Iraqi leader, told Reuters.

He said Saddam's family had revoked any right of attorney previously issued to any lawyers to represent Saddam. Dulaimi said he held four hours of talks with Saddam, who is in Iraqi legal custody but is in U.S. physical custody on the outskirts of Baghdad. He did not elaborate.
So Dulaimi is the only lawyer now. The only one. Or so says Dulaimi. "Saddam" doesn't say anything. Go ask Dulaimi. Reuters did.


Back in November of 2004, Saddam's family dismissed Mohammed al-Rashdan, a prominent Jordanian lawyer who led the defense team, accusing him of seeking fame.

On May, 23rd, 2005 we predicted they would fire the lot.

By early July, the family had elbowed out new chief lawyer Ziad al-Khasawneh, as we reported:
Al-Khasawneh accused Saddam's daughter of removing all files related to Saddam's defense from his office. "I was away in Libya when she did all that without my knowledge," he said.

He said Saddam's daughter was seeking to exchange the Jordan-based legal team with an international Emergency Committee for Iraq, which was announced last month in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. [Led by former Malaysian leader Mahathir Mohamad, co-chairs include Ramsey Clark, former Algerian President Ahmed Ben Bella and former French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas.]

Raghad Saddam Hussein said the committee would not replace her father's legal team, but provide "political support."
Note that last line carefully. It's a committee, not a legal team. Yes, it's got Ramsey Clarke on it, but he has morphed from being a legal representative to just providing "political support". They "exchanged" a legal team which included Ramsey for a non-legal team which included Ramsey.

Nice piece of finessing. Looks like a legal team, smells like a rat.

And now they've initiated the largest legal redundancy in history by sacking the remaining 1,500 or so lawyers. Except of course for local boy al-Dulaimi.


It's always has been important to get the truth out about Saddam. But that's not why I'm nailing the issue again here today. It's because the silence of the CIA Fakes on the "Saddam" issue is their Achilles heel. They know that too.

The issue today is not whether that is Saddam or not. The issue is why I'm the only one relentlessly banging on about it. The silence is deafening. That should speak volumes to any lingering doubts that we are for real.

Read our Saddam articles, particularly the Saddamplicity series. Not only do they make a good case, but they show how a shoddy diversion story about dates (edible kind) was built into the Saddam PsyOp to throw you off the track. That's informative because the same techniques were used with 9/11.

So, we are for real. And if you are just getting the picture now, please hold your nose instantly. That smell isn't just "Saddam". It the whole rats nest of professional disinfo agents and useful idiots we exposed too.

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