US National Emergency and Gulf Nuke Option

2 June, 2010

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TRW Systems Integration Group

Engineering Mechanics, Georgia Inst. of Tech.,
Painter Award and NASA Saturn/Apollo fellowship.
Consultant to numerous DoD contractors including 

ONR, Defense Nuclear Agency, Naval Sea Systems 
Command AF Space and Missile Command. 

Dr. Rinehart has supported conventional and nuclear

weapons development for Naval and Air Force combat
weapon systems for thirty years. Program Manager 
for prototype upgrade for Navy SEAL SDV Vehicle.

Financial Articles by Dr. Rinehart
Proposed Solution(s) to Gulf BP Oil Spill
- Lessons Learned from BP's Gulf of Mexico Oil  Spill

Obama sends nuclear experts to tackle BP's Gulf oil leak 
La. scientist locates another vast oil plume in the gulf Matt Simmons on MSNBC: "There's another huge leak" 

The government's 'rock star' in charge of the oil spill 

Top Kill Blockages Scupper BP's Pipe Cut Plan

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