Winter From Hell? Climatologist, Peter O'Donnell

29 Dec, 2010

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Guest: Peter O'Donnell, Climatologist
A few years ago mild winters were the norm, but three harsh winters have now culminated in recent record-breaking cold in NE USA and NW Europe. A speed bump in the progression of global warming? Or does the severe cold herald a dip into a sunspot-induced mini Ice Age?

. Climatologist, Peter O'Donnell, joins Fintan Dunne to probe the weather patterns now ruling and to discuss the prospects for the winter ahead.

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  1. A very illuminating interview, good to see an interviewer that is up with whats is important in climate science.

    You may be interested in my paper or science blog which is based on the coming solar minimum. I predicted this record breaking winter back in July 2010.


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