Occupy: On the Road to Meet America

by Fintan Dunne 28 April 2014.

Act 1, Scene 1: 
Cue award-winning filmmaker Jon Jost, who in 2013, at the age of 71 - had thrown in the 
towel on his internationally famous #indie film career. Not because of his age, but rather due to today's corporate, dust-bowl climate for independent films. So sad.

[ But wait! Enter #Occupy, stage left.... ]

Act 1, Scene 2: 
Enter a 'Dynamic Duo' of Occupy stalwarts and film enthusiasts who prevail on Jon to restart his "Grassroots-America-Style" film, PLAIN SONGS. They both pledged to come on board and help Jon to complete the project.

LISTENAudio Interview with Filmmakers 

The duo are Daniel Levine (r.), a 2nd-day OWS participant and who wrote a book (Every Time I Check My Messages Somebody Thinks I’m Dead: A Memoir of Occupy Wall Street) about his experience, and his friend Brian Spellman (l.). 
As Jon says: "They will be heading out themselves to travel parts of the USA, shooting and exploring, trying to grapple with the State of the Nation, as I did decades ago."

[ Slow fade, then......]

Act 2, Scene 1:
Visit the Kickstarter page for "PLAIN SONGS: An American Journey" ...and ACTION !

Help out. Or spread the Word. Thank you.


  1. Take it to Alex Jones, Mr. Roggasch.
    Studs Terkel is an influence from yonder times.
    We are NOT here to ENTERTAIN you.
    Enjoy your parent's basement.


    1. Lets not diminish Studs willingness to understand/show a person's place/job in society. Studs tried to cut through politics to find the voice of "a" person who was at work.Jobs were far more plentiful then mind you but pride in a person's labor is abuse constantly but the idea of work which studs brought out through his conversation is needed.
      (Jason)Results driven people tend to be very frustrated. Nothing happens quickly, it only appears that way.


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