Silence of the Irish Lambs

There is silence as the Irish government gears up to rubber stamp a sham inquiry into the treatment of unwed mothers and their infants. 

They know it's a sham. We know it's a sham. The U.N. Human Rights Committee has already called it a sham before it's begun. But with days to go - there is silence.

The world's media gathered to witness with horror our private Irish tragedy.  They left us to face up to our past. Pity they left. No Irish Government or civil service have ever faced such issues willingly. We know that now - since the media left.

The silence leaves me deeply uncomfortable. I recognize it. It's the same silence which was thick in the air --yet unseen-- down the years. As women were quietly emotionally butchered behind the high walls. It's the same high walls. It's the same silence.

 It's the same silence and nothing has changed. We just thought it had. The global media spotlight unknowingly deceived us. But the Government deceived us too: 

- they switched ministers from Flanagan to Reilly to delay matters; 
- they promised again - but delayed to dim the media spotlight; 
- they launched the inquiry on a Friday to hinder public interest; 
- they made the mothers and adopted wait like fools in a separate(!) room while the minister publicly launched his minimal inquiry terms of reference;
- the inquiry terms somehow manage not to address either justice or recompense;
- furthermore, the terms of reference have excluded two thirds of the women;
- finally they cut the Dail debate on the terms into two half-debates a week apart! 

That second half of the debate comes next Wednesday.

We are about to strip these women of their human rights in full view of an uninformed public; an asleep media and an uncaring establishment. And the silence is deafening.

Well, I don't know about you, but I'll tell you one thing: 

I'm NOT going to be F**KING SILENT!!!


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