An Irish Spring? Prince Charles, Gerry Adams and Panti Bliss

This has been a doubly historic week in Ireland. 

The week began with what was a literally "historic" handshake, between Britain's Prince Charles - commander of the UK army's Parachute Regiment which shot dead 13 unarmed protesters on Bloody Sunday, and Gerry Adams, political head of the Irish Republican movement whose military arm murdered Lord Mountbatten -elder head of the Royal Family- along with 18 soldiers, in two attacks on one day. 

The week ended with the "YES" result in the Irish 'Gay Marriage' referendum, which saw the same Gerry Adams share a platform with leading cheerleader for the YES Campaign, Rory O'Hanlon, aka- Panti Bliss.

A week featuring a current Prince, a former 'terrorist',... and a future Queen?

Now, that's some week!


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