Tsipras Watches the Withering EU Dream

I  just watched the dream of European Union wither before my eyes in the EU parliament during a seven minute gutter level, populist and outright lying haranguing of Alexis Tsipras - by so-called 'EU centrist' Guy Verhofstadt.

All of Verhofstadt's flourishing rhetoric - was just that: mere rhetoric. There was not even an attempt at balancing the gutter with the spire. Lies marched over damn lies. Gutter it was - all the way, until a self-satisfied Verhofstadt sat down.

Merkel-led, right-wing EPP politics has long already trumped true economics and has asphyxiated our aspirational EU ethos. Verhofstadt's liberal ALDE group is clearly comfortable with the EPP in that political gutter.

Their hysterical rhetoric is required as cover for their own failure. It was they who foisted upon Greece, two failed financial looting campaigns disguised as alleged 'Bailouts'. Thus did a banking class benefit from a cozy cartel with a political class. And still does - via the revolving doors of corporate boardrooms.
I looked into the eyes of Alexis Tsipras as our dream of European Union withered. I saw there a confirmation solidify of what I guessed was already there.

"Be a leader," Verhofstadt had jeered.

More than you dreamed Verhofstadt. Or ever could.

Burns in those eyes the calm flame of a Greek Exit from economic imprisonment by chains of illegitimate debt married to corporatism and fascist paternalism. Underestimate it at your cost.

The quieter the soft sound of that flame - the more intensely it burns.

A countdown advances remorselessly. Varoufakis is busy preparing for Zero.

The brilliance of this skyward rise will light all Europe and outshine even Apollo.

18:40gmt 2015-07-08
by Fintan Dunne

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I am angry Mr Tsipras, because let's face it. We have been sleepwalking towards a Grexit. For five years now. And the...
Posted by Guy Verhofstadt on Wednesday, July 8, 2015


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