July 7, 2020 - The Hague District Court has today rejected the appeal of the Virus Madness campaign in relation to the dismissal of their case by Judge Hoekstra-Van Vliet on the 25th June. According to today's ruling, the judge at that earlier hearing showed no bias.
Virus madness, co-founder Jeroen Pols expressed the group's disappointment with the outcome. However, he said the result was in line with their expectations: "In 2019 there were 693 challenge requests, of which twenty were granted."
Pols thinks the challenge request made sense nevertheless. “It now appears that the State misled the court during the hearing on June 25. They refused to respond to the question of how dangerous the virus actually is. According to their lawyer, this could only be answered in a few months."
"We found that very strange, because that is what this interim relief is about. To our great surprise, the minister sent a letter to Parliamentary questions a few hours after the hearing: The COVID-19 virus is considerably less dangerous than the flu epidemic of 2017-18.
The mortality rate of people infected with the virus was 1% at the time. The mortality rate for this virus is well below 1%. This confirms our position, namely that COVID-19 is not a killer virus. The judge can still include this information in the judgment. This was not possible without a challenge request. So we are hopeful”, says Pols.
The Virus madness group is a movement of lawyers, doctors, scientists and concerned citizens demanding that all measures against the COVID-19 virus be ended immediately and that the Dutch special emergency law is rescinded. The campaign also demands transparency about the policy pursued.
According to Virus Madness, the measures lack any rationality with disastrous consequences for society, the economy and the rule of law. The organization believes that there are more fatalities as a direct result of the measures than the virus itself.

WATCH: > https://youtu.be/fkuxwekHS0s
Willem Engell, co-founder of the Dutch group VirusWaanzin (Virus Madness) is greeted by hundreds of cheering supporters on emerging from a court hearing in The Hague on 25th June, 2010.

By Fintan Dunne, translated and edited
from VirusMadness official press release.
Footage courtesy AnonymousBitesBack


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