"WE'RE SUING BETFAIR" -TRUMP PUNTERS TO FILE CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT 10th Feb 2021 | Hundreds of Betfair customers who backed Trump for reelection are in legal talks to mount a class action and sue the online gambling giant over it's early settlement of the Next President betting market on 14th December, 2020.

At issue is whether the firm was right to settle the market before there was certainty as to the outcome -which was only resolved three weeks later in the early hours of January 7th, 2021 during a joint session of the US Houses of Congress.

The 'Betfair Trump Punters' group has over 1,500 members on Facebook and Telegram. They say the early settlement of the market caused them losses by denying them cash-out opportunities.

In a video announcement today, founder of the online group, Fintan Dunne confirmed they are in legal talks to launch a class action lawsuit -first in the United Kingdom and then internationally.

Group members say that Betfair made repeated assurances to customers by phone and in online tweets that they would await legal "certainty" regarding the outcome of the presidential race.

Betfair claim the bet's small print means they can settle when one candidate has a majority of projected electoral college votes. But outraged punters say that they bet on an outcome and the outcome was contested all the way to January 6th, 2021.

The group says that Betfair have set new rules for the 2024 presidential race. The amended rules mean that if the exact same situation were to repeat in 2024, the market would no longer be settled early.

The class action litigants say those rule changes came about because Betfair belatedly recognized that their 2020 rules were indefensibly unfit for purpose.

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