New Pope Wants His Argentine Human Rights Record Scrubbed From Wikipedia

Ok - time to come clean.  The Twitter account of the Pope --wanting his Wikipedia entry edited-- was a caper. A media spin to focus public attention on Cardinal Bergoglio's misdeeds in Argentina. But his collusion with the military was assuredly real and indeed, fatal for the many innocents who were murdered. More:

EXCLUSIVE REPORT - Well, it didn't take long for the newly-elected Pope Francis I, to embrace information technology in his papacy. But in a rather disappointing way.

Within hours of his elevation, he was demanding -via his Twitter account- that details on Wikipedia about his role during Argentina's military dictatorship be removed.

The Pope, formerly Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergogli, defended his actions saying he had helped hide some of those being pursued by the regime, and had clean hands:
"I want to clarify that always acted under the orders of God, everything was in obedience... I had nothing to do with the dictatorship"

The Wikipedia entry the Pope likely wants amended has the following text: (translated)

Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, 73, has been identified as a collaborator of the dirty war of the military dictatorship (1976-1983), as it has been accused of betrayal of two subordinates priests in the Society of Jesuits 18 . 
In 2010 , the journalist Sergio Rubin wrote a book called The Jesuit in terms of "a complaint newspaper published a few years ago in Buenos Aires." Referred to the journalist Horacio Verbitsky in daily Pagina 12 of 25 April 1999 and 9 May 1999, more than three books.On another note, while Bergoglio denies maimed documents to cover up his attitude collaborator with the dictatorship, Verbitsky published the original documents and the facsimile of the book so that readers could compare.19
A posteriori, five testimonies of priests and theologians confirm the role of Cardinal during the military dictatorship in Argentina in the disappearance of priests and supported the dictatorial repression. The witnesses are a priest and a former priest, a theologian, a layman of a secular fraternity who denounced the Vatican what happened in Argentina in 1976 and a layman who was kidnapped and tortured along with two priests who did not reappear. 20

  1. 18
  1. 19 Facsimiles of documents to compare, in an article in Página/12 (Buenos Aires) of 11 April 2010.
  1. 20 "Five new witnesses against Bergoglio" article by journalist Horacio Verbitsky in daily Pagina 12 (Buenos Aires) of 18 April 2010.

One reference in the Wikipedia text leads to an article  "Five new witnesses against Bergoglio" by journalist Horacio Verbitsky in daily Pagina 12 (Buenos Aires) of 18 April 2010.

The web address is unavailable at this time. However, Verbitsky can be seen here discussing the new evidence on television:

This article is just an immediate response to alert people to the challenge made by the new Pope. The Pope's track record should be exposed to scrutiny, as should his political background. For more on that - see: CIA Front Group Secures Control of Papacy

Fintan Dunne, 13th March, 2012 @ 6:60pmEST


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