Why Chavez More Likely Murdered Than Not

by Fintan Dunne - 3/5/13 8:30EST

Hugo Chavez was suffering from a type of pelvic cancer - likely a "sarcoma" of joints or cartilage. Following his first treatment in mid-2011 and a relapse 18 months later, Dr Kent Sepkowitz speculated --just two months ago-- that:
"[Chavez] likely has a year or two or three left—years of more surgeries, more chemo, more radiation if he can tolerate it, and progressive and painful debility." [http://thebea.st/XoRbja]
That was a well-founded medical judgement - based on the mortality data of a typical 5-year disease prognosis. Which makes the death of Chavez - so soon after his first relapse all the more surprising.

Death from sarcoma is typically the end result of a long, drawn out series of medical battles. Rarely the outcome of a brief skirmish. Chavez had competent treatment of a well understood form of cancer. In that context, to die in under two years while under such intensive care is exceptional.

Venezuelan VP, Nicolas Maduro has promised to establish a scientific commission [http://huff.to/WHSTZc] to investigate the government's suspicions over the death of Chavez, and to bring forward evidence.

With that promise, Maduro goes much further than he needed - if merely stoking the fires of national xenophobia was his desire. Mere dark hints would have sufficed to engender that result.

This one, as they say, could be a runner.


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