Sniper On Loose After D.C. Navy Yard Slayings

There's a sniper on the loose from the scene of the D.C. navy Yard mass killings. A sniper not apprehended and now not even sought by authorities. A sniper whose killing success is itself evidence of his handiwork.

Late Monday, D.C. police called off their earlier lookout for a black male suspect between the ages of 40 and 50 in a "drab," olive, military-style uniform; approximately 5-foot-10, 180 pounds, medium complexion with graying sideburns.

That individual may have been the sniper - but could be a phantom decoy reported to create space for the real sniper's escape. Either way, the eyewitness accounts and the killed-to-injured ratio confirm his presence.

The eyewitness accounts speak of two shooters:
Witnesses described a gunman opening fire from a fourth-floor overlook, aiming down on people in the cafeteria on the main floor. Others said a gunman fired at them in a third-floor hallway. It was not clear whether the witnesses on different floors were describing the same gunman
What's not clear? These accounts indicate there were two shooters. One who was firing a weapon in short bursts; who encountered a group on the third floor and fired at them - missing. This person may or may not have been the suspect Aaron Alexis, who was later found dead.

D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier says Alexis was "involved in gun battles with active shooter teams."

Which shooter teams exactly? According to CNN:
11:07 a.m. -- Law enforcement official reports the federal Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives emergency response team is sent to the scene. It is the same one that helped Boston police apprehend Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. The official notes the team includes approximately 20 specially trained, locally stationed special agents.
Yes, it's the Boston bombings Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) elite team again. Busy guys. (By the way, they had a strange accident kill two members of that Boston HRT team.) Here they come again like a cavalry to Protect America and Serve a diet of high-velocity lead.

Spectacular Killed-to-Injured Ratio

And yet, even as Aaron Alexis was going down, the evidence shows that from the fourth floor, a sniper had killed with a ruthless efficiency. There were 12 people reported killed by gunfire, but a mere 5 people injured by gunshots. How's that for a killed-to-injured ratio! 2.4 to 1. Just about five killed for every two injured. Compare that to any previous school shooting or similar mass killing. It's unprecedented. 

The sniper's efficiency may have been even higher if we allow that the amateur on the third floor was the one injuring people and the professional on the roof above was killing virtually everyone he shot at - despite the challenge of aiming steeply downwards.

To appreciate just how awesome such killed-to-injured ratios are, I will leave you with an excerpt from an internet classic: the 'Joe Vialls' analysis of Australia's 1996 Port Arthur massacre - blamed on the mentally-challenged Martin Bryant. 

Read the following. It confirms there's a D.C. sniper on the loose: 
The killed-to-injured ratio is used to calculate reliably how many injured survivors should be expected for every person killed for a given number of rounds fired. Even assault rounds as powerful as those fired by the Colt AR15 can only ensure a one-shot kill if the target is hit in the head, a six by six inch target: or in the heart, a ten by ten inch target. Together these areas form between one fifth and one seventh of the over-all body target areas, so for every person killed there will be between five and seven injured, expressed as "1 to 5" and "1 to 7". 
The records show that a total of 32 people were shot in the Broad Arrow Cafe, so at best we would expect 4 dead and 28 injured, or at worst 6 dead and 26 injured. These are very reliable military figures based on hard science, but the actual figures in the Broad Arrow Cafe were 20 dead and 12 injured - an incredible inverted ratio of 1.66 to 1, or nearly two dead for every one injured.
Special forces train continuously for months on end to achieve a ratio as high as this, which lies far beyond the abilities of regular soldiers, and is an absolute scientific impossibility for an intellectually impaired registered invalid. 
Media apologists desperately trying to protect their obscene "lone nut" legend will scream foul at this point and claim that flukes happen. No they do not. About seven months ago a trained Israeli soldier went beserk in Hebron and fired a complete thirty-shot magazine of ammunition from an identical Colt AR15 into a crowd of Palestinians at the same range. His thirty high velocity bullets injured nine and killed no-one at all. This Israeli example helps to drive home the absolute lunacy of crafted media insinuations that Martin Bryant was a registered invalid who suddenly metamorphasized into the lethal equivalent of a fully trained and highly disciplined US Navy 'SEAL'. 
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