US and Iran Signal "Done Deal, It's Over"

by Fintan Dunne, - 26th Sept, 2013 @ 10:00pmET

The political theater may take years, but mere months will see the US begin a phased removal of sanctions on Iran, according to signals from John Kerry and Iran’s foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif.

Amid an upbeat tone from the two parties, AP reports:

Iran’s foreign minister is urging step-by-step compromises between his country and world powers to advance negotiations over Tehran’s nuclear ambitions. Mohammad Javad Zarif’s remarks on Iran’s state TV referred to “phased actions” after reviving stalled talks with a six-nation group.... [source]

Meanwhile, in the US, John Kerry was also on TV, as AFP reported:

Speaking to CBS News 60 Minutes, US Secretary of State John Kerry said that if Iran takes rapid measures to cooperate with international monitoring of its nuclear program, Washington could begin lifting sanctions within months. [source]

A similar template of phased verifiable countermoves also recently resolved the Syria crisis.

So, let's review: Zionists sidelined; Syria resolution underway; Iran resolution underway.

We are watching political theater.
A slow ballet; to play out over years.
The moves already choreographed.

It's a Done Deal.
It's been a Done Deal for a while.

It's Over.


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