Feds Lied About Boat Shootout With 'Suspect 2'

Dzhokhar Was Unarmed:
Feds Lied About Boat Shootout With 'Suspect 2'

by Fintan Dunne, BreakForNews.com 25 April 2013 @ 9:30pmET 

According to officials, as reported by CNN, no firearm was found in the boat where Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was holed up.

Yet the criminal complaint states that there was: "a standoff between the boat's occupant and the police involving gunfire."

That's a finely crafted choice of words: the police assault on the boat "involved gunfire," but it seems only the police were armed.

This development calls into question the mainstream media's reporting, and the veracity of all the law enforcement testimony forming the basis for the criminal complaint.

When law enforcement first came on the boat, there was a clearly audible around 10 second burst of gunfire, which was heard by many nearby to the scene and reported on live by CNN. Subsequent press photos of the boat show its side pock-marked with bullet holes.

Only after that gunfire was heard did the mass of police scramble to join the first responding team at the boat.

The charge complaint against Dzhokhar describes multiple gunshot wounds to his head, neck, legs(plural), and hand. A minimum of five gunshots.

The question now is: when were those injuries inflicted?

If they were all sustained in the shootout between the police and the brothers, then there would indeed have been a "pool of blood" in the boat where Dzhokhar had presumably been hiding for up to 20 hours.

But despite the account of the boat owner who discovered Dzhokhar, no such substantial "pool of blood" is seen in post-incident photos.

That would be consistent with the majority of the suspects' wounds having been caused in the unprovoked fusillade of police gunfire when the first officers arrived at the boat. Thus less bleeding time.

Hospital doctors who treated Tsarnaev could be called to give testimony, because to a medical professional, the condition of a fresh bullet wound is easily distinguished from a wound many hours old.

In that context, the Israeli nationality of the doctors treating him could be a source of controversy if they are called to give evidence.

Normally, such a serious discrepancy in a police shooting would trigger an immediate internal police investigation, at the least.

All this has serious implications for the prosecution case, as the defense will be able to undermine their entire case on the basis that law enforcement may have demonstrably lied to those preparing the criminal complaint.


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