Boston: Welcome America to Operation Gladio 2013


Boston: Welcome America to Operation Gladio 2013 

by Fintan Dunne, 16th April, 2013 - 6pmET 

What kind of a terrorist group or individual carries out an attack like the Boston Marathon bombing - and then fails to claim responsibility?

Not the kind of terrorist we're used to seeing, until now.

The whole notion of terrorism is linked to a campaign to advance an agenda. But what agenda? Anti-Americanism or Anti-Government? Anti-tax or anti-establishment? Anti-Global Warming? Who knows!? 

The Boston mass murder smacks of a lone attacker. Indicated by the simplicity of the methodology, the proximity of the two blasts, and the lack of any counter-intelligence information in advance. You cannot "penetrate" a terrorist cell of one. Nor eavesdrop on one's plans. 

Despite the simplicity of the bomb materials, there was nothing simple about the mind which planned the attack. 

This is no unstable impulsive. 


Make no mistake, the Boston Marathon was no easy target. This high-profile event was well defended by a practiced security routine which was well up to international standards for such sports events. 

The event's structural vulnerability was the inevitable people crush in the last hour. The attacker exploited that vulnerability. 

The event's bomb strike vulnerability was that a duffel bag would not stand out so starkly at such a sports event. The attacker exploited that vulnerability too. 

The bomber may well have attended last year's event. 

This is no Dummy. This person is Deadly. 

The attacker's failure to claim responsibility hints at further smart thinking: when you claim responsibility, you expose yourself. First by narrowing the scope of police investigation to the issue you raise. Maybe you have a trail of activism. Maybe you don't take that kind of risk. 

Second, you expose yourself in the means of claiming: electronically or even by posted letter. Maybe you don't take that kind of risk either. 


There's another possibility. Psywar is most elegantly practiced when it engenders a sense of uncertainty, then unease; a sense of knowing, and simultaneously not knowing. This is the "Strategy of Tension." Google it. 

It was a key tactic of a state-sponsored, Black Ops terror campaign which was waged in Europe, called "Operation Gladio." Google that too. 

You see, there's terrorism and then there's PsyWar. 

And they are not the same - though they might look the same. 

The downside of using classic terrorism is that it may only stimulate the target population into a cohesive defense response against an "enemy." 

Using terrorism as PsyWar aims for death by a thousand cuts. With the "enemy" deliberately left unclear so that no fight response arises. If this is the true aim, then further similar and/or smaller attacks will repeatedly occur. All to maintain the elevated "tension" of the PsyWar. 

Question is: who's playing the Gladio tactic?

A lone actor or a State actor? Big puzzle.

There are other puzzles. Principally that no CCTV footage has been aired to help identify the assailant(s). This despite the authorities knowing the locations and timing of the planting of blast devices. 

Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis said Tuesday that the course "was swept for explosives Monday, early in the morning and an hour before the first runner crossed the finish line." 

So, the most likely senario is that the black duffel bags reported to have been the bombs concealment were dropped in that last hour before the explosions. The marathon finish area was rich in potential video material, but as yet: no suspect identified. 

Either this guy is very, very good. 

Or these Black Op people are quite competent. 

You decide. 

But.... either way.... 

It's welcome America to Operation Gladio 2013.

And the Strategy of Tension


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