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John Kerry Admits 2004 Election Sellout

With many people convinced that John Kerry sold out the American people in 2004 by not challenging the clearly fraudulent and pivotal Bush vote in Ohio, Kerry's reported comments to Afghan president Karzai are troubling to say the least. The Associated Press reports: A senior American official briefed on the meetings by Sen. John Kerry gave The Associated Press details of the negotiations with Karzai... [Karzai] needed several more hours of convincing, including a long walk with Kerry on the Presidential Palace grounds. During the extended stroll, the official said, Kerry opened up to Karzai, telling him about his own difficult decision not to challenge the vote count in Ohio on election night in 2004. There were allegations of voting irregularities in favor of incumbent President George W. Bush, and Kerry told Karzai that he knew he could have held up a final outcome for weeks by filing a challenge. The official said Kerry told Karzai that he had decided then that a challenge was