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Tusla and Family Courts Protect Irish Pedophile

MOTHER'S ANGUISH AS TUSLA AND FAMILY COURTS FAIL TO PROTECT HER SON FROM IRISH PEDOPHILE by Fintan Dunne Irish police, family courts and the social services body Tusla all failed to protect the nine-year-old son of a Polish woman who was sexually abused by his Irish father, according to a documentary broadcast on the national Polish television station TVP1. The boy's mother was denied custody and contact despite a doctor's medical evidence confirming that the child's behaviour was consistent with having been sexually abused. Eyewitnesses testimony also confirmed his bizarre behaviours with sexual abuse overtones. The mother Danuta(*pseudonym) began to be physically and verbally abused after she became pregnant and with alcohol as a prime factor. The case officially began when Danuta fled the family home with her son for the sanctuary of a domestic violence facility. She was distraught when the child revealed to a family friend and then to her that he was a v