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Feds Lied About Boat Shootout With 'Suspect 2'

Dzhokhar Was Unarmed : Feds Lied About Boat Shootout With 'Suspect 2'   by Fintan Dunne, 25 April 2013 @ 9:30pmET  According to officials, as  reported by CNN , no firearm was found in the boat where Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was holed up. Yet the  criminal complaint  states that there was: " a standoff between the boat's occupant and the police  involving gunfire ." That's a finely crafted choice of words: the police assault on the boat " involved gunfire ," but it seems only the police were armed. This development calls into question the mainstream media's reporting, and the veracity of  all  the law enforcement testimony forming the basis for the criminal complaint. When law enforcement first came on the boat, there was a clearly audible around 10 second burst of gunfire, which was heard by many nearby to the scene and reported on live by CNN. Subsequent press photos of the boat show its side pock-marked with bullet holes. Only afte

Boston Bombs: Return of the LIHOP (Let It Happen On Purpose)

Boston Bombs: Return of the LIHOP (Let It Happen On Purpose) by Fintan Dunne, 19 April 2013 @ 10pmET The question for many will be how these two managed to carry out a mass-killing bombing --despite being under the nose of the FBI since 2011, when  they interviewed the elder brother . Following that interview, (at the request of Russian security services) did Tamerlan ease off on his radicalism and thus fall off the FBI radar? The opposite, in fact. In late 2011, he travelled to southern Russia and stayed for six months, returning in mid-2012 to Boston. You might imagine  that on his return, the FBI would be all over him, because there would be a strong likelihood that he underwent some training and indoctrination while abroad. This overseas travel scenario has played out before - in the case of the alleged London 7/7 bombers. You might imagine  that the FBI maybe checked his YouTube "likes" - which in the second half of 2012 continued to feat

Napolitano Tacitly Admits Boston Bomb Probe Stalled

  Napolitano Tacitly Admits Boston Bomb Probe Stalled   by Fintan Dunne, 18 April 2013 @ 3:45pmET  Further to our story earlier today, that the  Boston Bombs Probe Is A Despairing FBI Fishing Exercise , consider the unspoken aspects of Janet Napolitano's testimony to the House Homeland Security Subcommittee.   Napolitano said the investigation is continuing " apace ."   That's politician-speak for "plodding along in hope." Words which confirm  our assessment that  no  significant progress has been made.  Her tone was echoed by a federal law enforcement source, who told the  New York Post: " It's not like we're going to have somebody in cuffs in five minutes but it  is evolving . "  Evolution is a process which takes tens of thousands of years.  Napolitano also said:  "There is some video that has raised the question  of those that the FBI would like to speak with."  Translating politician-speak again, she means th

Boston: Welcome America to Operation Gladio 2013

  Boston: Welcome America to Operation Gladio 2013   by Fintan Dunne, 16th April, 2013 - 6pmET  What kind of a terrorist group or individual carries out an attack like the Boston Marathon bombing - and then fails to claim responsibility? Not the kind of terrorist we're used to seeing, until now.   The whole notion of terrorism is linked to a campaign to advance an  agenda. But what agenda? Anti-Americanism or Anti-Government?  Anti-tax or anti-establishment? Anti-Global Warming?  Who knows!?   The Boston mass murder smacks of a lone attacker. Indicated by the  simplicity of the methodology, the proximity of the two blasts, and the  lack of any counter-intelligence information in advance. You cannot  "penetrate" a terrorist cell of one. Nor eavesdrop on one's plans.  Despite the simplicity of the bomb materials, there was nothing simple  about the mind which planned the attack.  This is no unstable impulsive.  HARD TARGET   Make no mistake, the Bost

Google Trends Forecast Warns of Bitcoin Breakdown

BY FINTAN DUNNE - 1 April 1 2013 10:00EST Bitcoin's trading price just broke through $100 . But if you own the digital currency, don't crack open the champagne just yet.  And if you're thinking of buying the surging e-coins, think twice. Search volume on Google about "bitcoin" closely tracks spikes and falls in the bitcoin price - as the mid-March, 2103 graphic snapshot above shows. Since then, interest has quickened to match the 2011 first wave of public awareness. But price has outperformed interest in 2013's more mature market. There lies the danger. The market for bitcoins is not terribly liquid. Many e-coins languish in enthusiasts' electronic matresses. So when there's a sudden incoming stampede of new bitcoin adoptees - low liquidity powers the price steeply. The EU's debacle in Cyprus made bitcoin a novelty item du jour  for global media outlets. But absent a new austerity crisis, media interest will fade and "bi