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An Irish Spring? Prince Charles, Gerry Adams and Panti Bliss

This has been a doubly historic week in Ireland.  The week began with what was a literally "historic" handshake, between Britain's Prince Charles - commander of the UK army's Parachute Regiment which shot dead  13 unarmed protesters  on  Bloody Sunday, and Gerry Adams , political head of the Irish Republican movement whose military arm murdered Lord Mountbatten -elder head of the Royal Family- along with 18 soldiers , in two attacks on one day.  The week ended with the " YES " result in the Irish ' Gay Marriage ' referendum, which saw the same Gerry Adams   share a platform with leading cheerleader for the YES Campaign, Rory O'Hanlon, aka- Panti Bliss . A week featuring a current Prince, a former 'terrorist',... and a future Queen? Now, that's some week!