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The Educational Murder Machine

The Educational Murder Machine by Patrick H. Pearse  * * This Modern Edit of Pearse's original - by Fintan Dunne We are entranced by the conception of education as some sort of manufacturing process.   Our children are the ' raw material '; educated by modern 'efficient' methods.  We speak of the  'efficiency' , and the 'up-to-dateness' of an education system  just  as we speak of the 'efficiency', and the 'up-to-dateness' of a system of manufacturing gas. We send our youth to university to be `finished '; when finished they are 'turned out' after  specialists 'grind' them for the bureaucracy and the professions; not forgetting the debris ejected by the machine as either too hard or too soft to be molded to the pattern required by the Civil Service or the Law Society. There is involved a primary blunder as to the nature and functions of education. For education has not to do with