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BP's Shape-Shifting ROVs Deceive Public

How a BP ROV ' Morphs ' From Well B to Well A ! There is new smoking-gun evidence of deception in BP's live internet public feed of their underwater ROV's. A copy of a live BP feed on 10th July, 2010 starts by showing an ROV at the planned BP Well B location. But over three minutes, in five position 'shifts,' the coordinates morph slowly from Well B to the official spill location at Well A ! What is this charade hiding? Why? READ FULL STORY (VIDEO and CHARTS) :

Obama Scientist Exposes BP Gulf Cover-Up

Gulf Wells Are Tolling For BP Execs by Fintan Dunne - 20th Aug, 2010 Dr Robert Bea, a top scientist on Pres. Obama's Gulf team has just confirmed our previous story , stating that BP drilled a second undisclosed well, which could even now be leaking unseen. Dr. Bea confirmed BP drilled the second well in Feb, 2010 --before it drilled the well which exploded fatally in late April. He said BP is blocking access to data by Federal scientists, so he cannot verify whether this second well is leaking or not. His confirmation may have legal implications for senior BP execs who sold tens of thousands of their shares in the company after an accident at this second well. An official BP well report available online says a single well was 'sidetracked' and omits any mention of a second well. Public relations for the firm has denied BP drilled an earlier well. However CBS '60 Minutes' broadcast an eyewitness accident account identified by CBS as tak

Return Of The BP Zombie Well

by Fintan Dunne, 14 August 2010 00:35amEST The Gulf's 'Zombie' well is not dead after all, ex-Admiral Thad Allen admitted in a press briefing today, brushing aside earlier official pronouncements that the well was "static," and optimistic spin that a relief well might never be needed. " We will kill the well ," the national incident commander told journalists, while brandishing a wooden stake and wearing a string of powerful Haitian Ju-Ju beads. [/satire] Allen denied comments that he, BP and the Obama scientific team are now as far up Shit Creek as they have ever been, because they applied a band-aid-like top kill and cement to the interior of the leaking oil pipe, when all signs pointed to oil flowing outside the pipe. " Shit Creek? ,"Allen replied when queried. "Not sure if we have any response teams operating there. But if we're not there now, you can rest assured we soon will be." [/satire] During this week, offic

Oil Surging From Sea Floor Near BP Well

by Fintan Dunne, 11 August 2010 11amEST Bad news . An undersea robot video capture by website FloridaOilSpillLaw is showing clouds of raw black crude oil surging out of the sea floor near BP's Gulf well --where only light seeps of gases were seen before: from live feed from Ocean Intervention ROV 1, Aug 11, 2010 03:00 EDT - Source Watch Live Feeds Now Leak monitoring: Rov1 and Rov2 BP has deliberately blurred the video to hamper clear sight of what is going on. That's not a new development. In the last week BP have put software filters on the undersea ROV feeds to change the contrast and blur the picture. Those filters were aimed at hiding modest seeps of methane hydrate or methane. Now with something much bigger to hide, we can expect BP to do what they have done before: shut off the feeds or re-run old video from before this latest leak. What we are witnessing (with difficulty) is the percolation of oil up through the strata in the sea floor. As the oil rises i