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Ireland: Economic Fantasies and Real Solutions

Listen Here: mp3 Guest: Dr. Constantin Gurdgiev   23rd  Jan, 2012 Topics:  Anglo Bond Repayment: ECB/EU v IMF Policy position  2:00 mins Two questions for ECB on it's Anglo Position 4:15 mins The relevance of austerity 'Program Reviews' 5:30 mins US - UK - EU and the Liquidity Trap 8:00 mins Irish Gov response to the Economic Crisis  10:00 mins Actual depth of Irish Current Expenditure savings 12:00 mins The West's 'Political' economy & debt restructuring 15:00 mins What's the next Engine of Growth? 16:00 mins China Outcomes; South Korean, Asian and Euro models 20:00 mins Democratic empowerment and political reforms 25:00 mins View: