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Image WATCH PROF HARVEY RISCH INTERVIEW How A False COVID-19 Narrative Has Been Created & Sustained For Six Months August 20, 2020   Those who demonized hydroxychloroquine bear responsibility for causing preventable deaths of possibly hundreds of thousands of patients. Following publication by  The Lancet  of a demonstrably fraudulent study, the World Health Organization suspended its hydroxychloroquine studies and urged countries around the world to suspend both their clinical trials, and prevent doctors from using the drug for Covid. Several governments did ban the use of the drug. Some lifted the ban after the  Lancet  study was retracted two weeks after publication. Switzerland, which had been using hydroxychloroquine for months, banned the drug from May 27 th  until June 11 th . Here is the Johns Hopkins graph showing a precipitous increase in the case fatality rate (CFR) – i.e., preventable deaths that occurred in Switzerland during the 13-day period d