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  Enoch Burke at the Four Courts accompanied by his father, Sean Burke. Picture: Collins Courts WHAT IF ENOCH BURKE WAS A MUSLIM? by Fintan Dunne 9 September, 2022 Enoch Burke’s biggest problem is that he is not a Muslim. If he had refused to use gender pronouns because it conflicted with the Koran –we would be falling over ourselves to accommodate him on the basis of religious tolerance. But he is a devout Christian. And Irish media is hostile to such beliefs with their own religious fervour.  Tell me they would persecute a Muslim teacher in precisely this manner and I will call you a naive fool.  This is not a level playing field. That secular hostility extends to the point of intolerance. Such as the intolerance  of the school where Enoch voiced his religious objections to being forced to buy into condoning a process which often ends via the dubious medical benefits of surgical transgenderism.  I say dubious because the U.K. Tavistoc