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TWITTER BANS LEADING COVID POLICY SCEPTIC DR MARCUS DE BRUN by Fintan Dunne 18-7-2020 21:00 Prominent Irish critic of official Covid-19 policies, Dr. Marcus De Brun has had his Twitter account suspended by the company. RedFM Interview > The ban comes days after the Times Ireland reported comments by Dr. De Brun in an interview on RedFM. He told host, Niall Prendeville that healthy people could shield the vulnerable and should not be wearing marks. D r. De Brun also echoed calls for a full public inquiry by the bereaved families of those who died in residential care homes. The Irish Times on 9th July reported the contents of an email on Easter Sunday last from the owner of one of the affected homes to then Minister of Health, Simon Harris. Mr Fintan Farrelly alerted Mr Harris to his concerns: “ I fear that when the history of Ireland’s Covid-19 pandemic is written, the failure to adequately support nursing homes during the mon
DUTCH COURT REJECTS COVID19 CASE BY 'VIRUS MADNESS' GROUP by Fintan Dunne July 7, 2020 - The Hague District Court has today rejected the appeal of the Virus Madness campaign in relation to the dismissal of their case by Judge Hoekstra-Van Vliet on the 25th June. According to today's ruling, the judge at that earlier hearing showed no bias. Virus madness, co-founder Jeroen Pols expressed the group's disappointment with the outcome. However, he said the result was in line with the ir expectations: "In 2019 there were 693 challenge requests, of which twenty were granted." Pols thinks the challenge request made sense nevertheless. “It now appears that the State misled the court during the hearing on June 25. They refused to respond to the question of how dangerous the virus actually is. According to their lawyer, this could only be answered in a few months." "We found that very strange, because that is what this interim relief is about. T