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EU holds back Italy’s anti-euro tide for now

Brussels-Rome war: EU holds back Italy’s anti-euro tide for now Steve Keen is an Australian economist and author. He’s professor and Head of the School of Economics, History and Politics at Kingston University in London. You can support his attempts to build a new economics Published time: 28 May, 2018 15:44 A view of Rome's ancient Colosseum, August 5, 2010. © Tony Gentile / Reuters 233 By pushing a presidential veto of Rome’s proposed new government, Brussels may have secured the euro’s status in Italy, for now. However, it may prove to be only a stay of execution. As I write, a constitutional crisis has erupted in Italy after its President – who normally fulfils only a ceremonial role – refused to allow the prospective new coalition government to appoint Paolo Savona as finance minister. Superficially, this is a ridiculous decision: Savona is a distinguished 81-year-old economist who has worked at