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Occupy: On the Road to Meet America

by Fintan Dunne 28 April 2014. Act 1, Scene 1:   Cue award-winning filmmaker Jon Jost , who in 2013, at the age of 71 - had thrown in the  towel on his internationally famous #indie film career. Not because of his age, but rather due to today's corporate, dust-bowl climate for independent films. So sad. [ But wait! Enter #Occupy, stage left.... ] Act 1, Scene 2:   Enter a 'Dynamic Duo' of Occupy stalwarts and film enthusiasts who prevail on Jon to restart his "Grassroots-America-Style" film, PLAIN SONGS . They both pledged to come on board and help Jon to complete the project. LISTEN :  Audio Interview with Filmmakers   The duo are Daniel Levine  (r.), a 2nd-day OWS participant and who wrote a book (Every Time I Check My Messages Somebody Thinks I’m Dead: A Memoir of Occupy Wall Street)  about his experience, and his friend Brian Spellman  (l.).  As Jon says : "They will be heading out themselves to travel parts of the USA, sh