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How BiBi Fooled the World, But Still Got Punkd

How  BIBI  Fooled the World... ...But still Got PUNKD!   Show Url:   LISTEN Mp3  Audio   Click to Play --  Dialup  listeners Right-Click to Save / Download.   Dialup Low-Fi Mp3  Audio   Click to Play or Right-Click to Save / Download. An open letter to Moshe Kahlon Published 22 March, 2015 JUST IN..... Kahlon makes  deciding vote and becomes the King Maker . Next Time the  King?     MORE REFERENCES & LINKS

Court Challenge to Irish Mother and Baby Inquiry

F ounder of the Irish First Mothers support group for adoption birth mothers, Kathy McMahon has today formally notified Irish government minister for Children and Youth Affairs, James Reilly of intent to challenge  in the Irish High court  the process of the recently-instituted 'Mother and Baby Homes' inquiry. The challenge  is grounded in public statements by the Acting Secretary General (now Assistant Secretary) of the Department, Ms. Liz Canavan at the press announcement of the inquiry. The birth mothers group asserts that Ms.Canavan's senior roles in Irish civil service administration and as CEO of the Adoption Authority of Ireland, conflict with her potential oversight of the inquiry: via adjustments to it's terms of reference under the minister's order. The import is that the current process violates the legal dictum of "Nemo judex in causa sua," viz. that one cannot be judge in one's own case - and thus justice cannot be seen to b