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Zappone Repeatedly Misled Oireachtas - Lied About U.N. Special Rapporteur

Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Katherine Zappone has lied repeatedly --including to the Oireachtas-- about her intent to invite U.N. Special Raporteur, Pablo de Greiff to Ireland to provide international human rights oversight of the Government's response to issues around the Commission of Investigation into Mother and Baby homes.  The Big Lie began on 1st June, 2017 when Dr de Greiff's proposed visit to Ireland was  first mentioned  by Minister Zappone -who cited his " extensive experience and insights which I believe will help me as a Minister ". The deception deepened on 12 December 2017 when the Seanad was told that the Government had formally decided to invite the UN Special Rapporteur.  "I will work with my colleague, the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, to arrange this invitation ," said the Minister.  Full steam ahead then, eh? It sure seemed like it, because by 13th February,  Zappone told the Dáil that  " Arra

Irish Elites Deploy Adoptees, Academics As Shield Against Unwed Mothers

Ireland's political, bureaucratic and media elites are using adopted persons and academics to substitute for the mothers who witnessed genocidal, state-sanctioned practices in Mother and Baby Homes. F irst Mothers group has filed a complaint against RTE with the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland. Here's why. Philomena Lee - Does She Take Sugar? RTE's Claire Byrne Buries the Genocide RTE's Sean O'Rourke Keeps it in The Family Six One News with Joe Little At Large Examiner's Conall Ó Fátharta Buries the Lead Katherine Zappone Stacks the Political Deck Epilog Philomena Lee and Kathy McMahon of Irish First Mothers 1)   Philomena Lee - Does She Take Sugar? " U.K.‘s Radio 4 ran a series called “ Does He Take Sugar? ”, referring to when someone asks the carer about sugar, instead of directly asking the person... " -- Yvonne Rogers, Gary Marsden Ms Philomena Lee, like most women from the Magdalen Laundries is by now in advanced ye