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From Irish Water To Jon Corzine

Irish Water PLC is a typical neoliberal privatization looting raid which is set to benefit Ireland's billionaire oligarch, Dennis O'Brien . Irish Government minister, Alan Kelly TD is now the lead advocate out selling the scam to the public. That's him on the right below: Left above is Alan Kelly's wealthy, well-connected brother , Declan Kelly , Co-founder of Teneo Inc. Yes, they do look a lot like each other. When we say that Declan Kelly of Teneo is well-connected, we mean well-connected: Clinton works for Kelly - and vice versa. Ex-Clinton-era White House staffer, Douglas Band - is also a Teneo Co-founder. Teneo is a private intelligence agency, staffed by ex (?) -CIA folks, and peddling finance and influence. Teneo is also deeply embedded in the $200million+/yr  Clinton Foundation: As the above graphic indicates, Teneo was connected to brokerage firm MF Global which famously went down in