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Winter From Hell? Climatologist, Peter O'Donnell

29 Dec, 2010 Listen: mp3 Guest: Peter O'Donnell, Climatologist A few years ago mild winters were the norm, but three harsh winters have now culminated in recent record-breaking cold in NE USA and NW Europe. A speed bump in the progression of global warming? Or does the severe cold herald a dip into a sunspot-induced mini Ice Age? . Climatologist, Peter O'Donnell , joins Fintan Dunne to probe the weather patterns now ruling and to discuss the prospects for the winter ahead. - -  Discussion of this audio

Flawed 'Stimulus' Logic Explained in 30 Seconds

Righthaven: Obama Ties To Copyright War Deepen

EXCLUSIVE BY FINTAN DUNNE Bloggers already know of the association between Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and Steve Gibson. The latter's Righthaven firm has launched a legal war on websites over alleged copyright infringement. All three worked for Chicago Law firm Sidley Austin LLP, where Gibson and Michelle Obama coincidentally specialized in copyright-related "intellectual property" law for the firm. I've just uncovered a further Obama link to this new copyright war. Just two weeks ago Detroit-based Dickinson Wright PLLC acquired Steven Gibson's Las Vegas-based legal firm of Gibson Lowry Burris LLP, with Gibson becoming managing partner of what is now Dickinson's Las Vegas office. Gibson will now have as a new Dickinson colleague Patrick Miles Jr., who works with Dickinson Wright's Grand Rapids office --one of ten satellites of the parent law firm. Miles Jr. is currently running for the Michigan 3rd Congressional District seat which Vern Ehler

Righthaven: A Blitzkrieg War on Internet Speech

What do you call a thousand lawyers chained together at the bottom of the ocean? A good start. But let's begin with just three lawyers: Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and Steve Gibson. All three worked for Chicago Law firm Sidley Austin LLP, where Gibson and Michelle Obama specialized in "intellectual property" law for the firm. You know..... copyright law and such. Now, in a totally coincidental move, Steve Gibson, via his Righthaven firm, has launched a salvo of legal suits demanding a payoff of $75,000 from internet websites, for alleged copyright law infringements incurred when the sites posted extracts from major media news articles. The tactic is designed to severely damage internet free speech; and to bolster the declining fortunes of major media --while also raking in the RICO dollars for Mr. Gibson. When I say 'RICO,' I mean: as in racket. The clever part that only a lawyer could have thought up, is that Gibson's firm first identifies news a

Monopoly Capitalism and Defunct Marxism

The BBC recently interviewed Professor David Harvey, author of the Marxist treatise 'The Enigma of Capital.' Prof. Harvey does make one very good point about the failure of far too many capitalists to invest in socially valuable new production systems and instead investing money in money itself by means of derivatives or swaps or currency bets or other esoteric financial products. He didn't have time to elaborate why they do this, but I will. It's because in a time of global competition, the era of easy large profits from production is long over. Developing countries now have production systems which compete with ours --and this progressively destroys the profit margin on capital for corporations. So they turned to cartel financial products to bolster their profits. We need to limit that. But Harvey's Marxist analysis is otherwise vague and unconvincing. He made one telling admission in part 2 of that BBC interview : "Capitalism has been a very

BP's Shape-Shifting ROVs Deceive Public

How a BP ROV ' Morphs ' From Well B to Well A ! There is new smoking-gun evidence of deception in BP's live internet public feed of their underwater ROV's. A copy of a live BP feed on 10th July, 2010 starts by showing an ROV at the planned BP Well B location. But over three minutes, in five position 'shifts,' the coordinates morph slowly from Well B to the official spill location at Well A ! What is this charade hiding? Why? READ FULL STORY (VIDEO and CHARTS) :

Obama Scientist Exposes BP Gulf Cover-Up

Gulf Wells Are Tolling For BP Execs by Fintan Dunne - 20th Aug, 2010 Dr Robert Bea, a top scientist on Pres. Obama's Gulf team has just confirmed our previous story , stating that BP drilled a second undisclosed well, which could even now be leaking unseen. Dr. Bea confirmed BP drilled the second well in Feb, 2010 --before it drilled the well which exploded fatally in late April. He said BP is blocking access to data by Federal scientists, so he cannot verify whether this second well is leaking or not. His confirmation may have legal implications for senior BP execs who sold tens of thousands of their shares in the company after an accident at this second well. An official BP well report available online says a single well was 'sidetracked' and omits any mention of a second well. Public relations for the firm has denied BP drilled an earlier well. However CBS '60 Minutes' broadcast an eyewitness accident account identified by CBS as tak

Return Of The BP Zombie Well

by Fintan Dunne, 14 August 2010 00:35amEST The Gulf's 'Zombie' well is not dead after all, ex-Admiral Thad Allen admitted in a press briefing today, brushing aside earlier official pronouncements that the well was "static," and optimistic spin that a relief well might never be needed. " We will kill the well ," the national incident commander told journalists, while brandishing a wooden stake and wearing a string of powerful Haitian Ju-Ju beads. [/satire] Allen denied comments that he, BP and the Obama scientific team are now as far up Shit Creek as they have ever been, because they applied a band-aid-like top kill and cement to the interior of the leaking oil pipe, when all signs pointed to oil flowing outside the pipe. " Shit Creek? ,"Allen replied when queried. "Not sure if we have any response teams operating there. But if we're not there now, you can rest assured we soon will be." [/satire] During this week, offic

Oil Surging From Sea Floor Near BP Well

by Fintan Dunne, 11 August 2010 11amEST Bad news . An undersea robot video capture by website FloridaOilSpillLaw is showing clouds of raw black crude oil surging out of the sea floor near BP's Gulf well --where only light seeps of gases were seen before: from live feed from Ocean Intervention ROV 1, Aug 11, 2010 03:00 EDT - Source Watch Live Feeds Now Leak monitoring: Rov1 and Rov2 BP has deliberately blurred the video to hamper clear sight of what is going on. That's not a new development. In the last week BP have put software filters on the undersea ROV feeds to change the contrast and blur the picture. Those filters were aimed at hiding modest seeps of methane hydrate or methane. Now with something much bigger to hide, we can expect BP to do what they have done before: shut off the feeds or re-run old video from before this latest leak. What we are witnessing (with difficulty) is the percolation of oil up through the strata in the sea floor. As the oil rises i

Feds And BP Roll The Dice On Well Shutdown

We have never been as close to getting BP's now capped Mocando well irrevocably sealed. At the same time the associated risks have never been higher. Five sea floor leaks around the well and a single leak two miles away have been dismissed as inconsequential by Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen. The logic Allen used to dismiss the leak two miles away is a pure guess that the leak comes from an old abandoned well. Allen also discounts the five leaks near the well as "drips," displaying an official willingness to continue taking the risk of a significant sea floor rupture. Despite recent differences between the two, Allen and BP now agree they can monitor closely and quickly open the well cap if the leak volume escalates. Hopefully it works out for them, and  for us. There's a storm now building and likely to impact operations within days. That means a key decision point will be reached when and if they have to pull away all ships: will they leave the well closed or not u

BP Dumped Toxic Chemicals In Well Before Rig Blast

In testimony at an official hearing yesterday, it emerged that BP succumbed to the temptation to exploit a loophole in environmental law and dumped 400 barrels of toxic chemicals into the Mocando well just hours before the blowout. Leo Lindner, a drilling fluid specialist for contractor MI-Swaco gave evidence to the government panel that the quantity of chemical 'spacer' pumped into the well was roughly double the usual amount. Later, Ronnie Penton, an attorney who represents one of the rig workers, told the Washington Post that the double dose of fluid had altered the outcome of a crucial pressure test which preceded BP displacing mud in the well with sea water. In evidence, Linder said BP had hundreds of barrels of two hazardous chemicals which under environmental regulations it was prohibited from dumping in the Gulf. The company decided to mix the two chemicals and dispose of the mix down the well. When drilling for oil, BP is exempted from strict adherence to normal

Flow Model Shows Gulf Spill Affecting East Florida

Most of the oil spill from BP's Gulf gusher is still under the sea surface. That means that even satellite images have difficulty presenting us with a true picture of the extent of the oil spread. The University of Miami's Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science has produced a computer model of the likely spread, based on the US Navy Coastal Ocean Model and using the sophisticated maths of turbulent flows in fluid dynamics to understand the evolution of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. Their video of the oil spread only runs to June 13th, so you'll have to use your imagination for the last two weeks. The model shows the Florida Keys began to be affected around a month ago, and the Tampa Bay and Sarasota areas with oil about twenty-five miles offshore on June 13. But by then, tendrils of oil were sweeping up Florida's east coast as far as St. Augustine and Jacksonville. Two weeks have elapsed since the final frames of that video. Two weeks of more th

Gulf Spill : How BP Fooled The World

28 June, 2010 Listen: mp3 Guest: Alexander Higgins Cutting through the carefully managed cover-up of the truth about BP's Gulf Spill. Citizen blogger, Alexander Higgins , joins Fintan Dunne with the inside story and latest developments. - -  Discussion of this audio New Discussion Papers by Dr Stephen A. Rinehart Potential Show Stopper For Gulf Deepwater Drilling by Dr Stephen A. Rinehart MS Word Design For Shock Hardened Deepwater Drilling by Dr Stephen A. Rinehart MS Word

Gulf Spill: From Done Deal To Doomsday

2 June, 2010 Listen: mp3 Alexander Higgins The truth of the situation in the Gulf of Mexico lies somewhere between the bland reassurances of BP and the now dire prognostications of the inevitable doom sayers.  Citizen blogger, Alexander Higgins , whose early investigations helped alert the media, joins Fintan Dunne to bring you the latest disturbing developments from the Gulf and to decode the actuality from the spin and hype .  - -  Discussion of this audio

US National Emergency and Gulf Nuke Option

2 June, 2010 Listen: mp3 DR. STEPHEN A. RINEHART  TRW Systems Integration Group Engineering Mechanics, Georgia Inst. of Tech., Painter Award and NASA Saturn/Apollo fellowship. Consultant to numerous DoD contractors including  ONR, Defense Nuclear Agency, Naval Sea Systems  Command AF Space and Missile Command.  Dr. Rinehart has supported conventional and nuclear weapons development for Naval and Air Force combat weapon systems for thirty years. Program Manager  for prototype upgrade for Navy SEAL SDV Vehicle. -  Financial Articles by Dr. Rinehart -  Proposed Solution(s) to Gulf BP Oil Spill - Lessons Learned from BP's Gulf of Mexico Oil  Spill -  Obama sends nuclear experts to tackle BP's Gulf oil leak   -  La. scientist locates another vast oil plume in the gulf   -  Matt Simmons on MSNBC: "There's another huge leak"   -  The government's 'rock star' in charge of the oil spill   -  Top Kill Blockages Scupper BP's Pi

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