Enoch Burke at the Four Courts accompanied by his father, Sean Burke. Picture: Collins Courts


by Fintan Dunne  http://FintanDunne.com http://BreakForNews.com

9 September, 2022

Enoch Burke’s biggest problem is that he is not a Muslim. If he had refused to use gender pronouns because it conflicted with the Koran –we would be falling over ourselves to accommodate him on the basis of religious tolerance.

But he is a devout Christian. And Irish media is hostile to such beliefs with their own religious fervour. 

Tell me they would persecute a Muslim teacher in precisely this manner and I will call you a naive fool. 

This is not a level playing field.

That secular hostility extends to the point of intolerance. Such as the intolerance  of the school where Enoch voiced his religious objections to being forced to buy into condoning a process which often ends via the dubious medical benefits of surgical transgenderism. 

I say dubious because the U.K. Tavistock clinic cheerleading such surgery has recently been closed after a review.

But as far as the Irish Examiner is concerned, Enoch Burke –currently incarcerated in Mountjoy jail– is simply tiring us all out with his antics; he and his siblings are nothing but a nuisance. Mick Clifford writes that: "The world tires of keeping up with the Burkes".

Welcome to the double standard. 

When Clifford was Burke’s age, such radical court theatrics in pursuit of social change were applauded for helping sweep traditional values aside. Petrol bombs and violent attacks on police were but ammunition in a just war of change.

By comparison, Enoch Burke has not been charged with a single act of violence, intimidation or threat. But in leftist lore merely being a stalwart Christian without violence and using the courts to seek redress, puts you beyond the pale.

In Clifford’s hit piece there is no acknowledgement that the Burke family are an activist family campaigning peacefully for what they see as necessary social changes. Mick Clifford sees no redeeming value in such acts. 

For example when Enoch’s sister, Ammi Burke challenged the procedures in her Workplace Relations Commission hearing over unfair dismissal –she is just a nuisance. 

No mention of the fact that the WRC has never ruled in favour of a single applicant subjected to summary eviction from retail stores despite having valid medical mask exemption. The State’s arms are above criticism and WRC victim’s complaints are just tiring. 

More bias when Clifford reports on Enoch, Ammi, Isaac and Kezia, taking a High Court action over being banned for life from college societies in NUI university Galway. The Examiner says the High Court threw out the case and accused the Burke siblings of misuse of their own Christian society’s funds. 

It fails to report the reason the case was lost: NUI withdrew the lifetime ban to thwart justice -making the case moot in the judge’s eyes. It fails to report that the Burkes have challenged the misuse of funds allegation with a copy of a cheque proving that claim false.

Again when another sibling Jemima challenged chief medical officer, Tony Holohan, at a Covid-19 press conference –Clifford says others thought her “intemperate” in a viral video. Indeed. How dare some lowly Christian take on one of the top bishops of the secular medico–religious establishment.

One man’s nuisance is another person’s hero.

Mick Clifford is old enough and wise enough to know this. His blindness does not reflect well. Mirrors do reflect well. Mick should take a look in one and see if he can spot another zealot.

Time to Convert.

As for the Burkes - the path ahead is clear. They all should immediately change religion and claim the Prophet as their new saviour. The Muslim faith has much to recommend it to any Christian.

And the benefits would be immense.

Enoch could voice his transgender religious exemption and the school would flagellate itself with remorse for even having impinged on his sensitivities and would find a tolerant and Christian way to accommodate him.

And can you see the High Court incarcerate a Muslim in Mountjoy as it did a Christian? In theory, yes - but imagine the national, and indeed global outrage. I doubt the school would force that issue.

This is not a level playing field. 

So-called “tolerance” in Ireland is bounded.

It does not extend to those damn “nuisance” Covid  Pharma skeptics.
It does not extend to those damn “nuisance” Climate Scam skeptics.
It does not extend to those damn “nuisance” Ukraine War skeptics.

And it does not extend to those damn “nuisance” Christians.

First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. 

Then they call you a nuisance.

Then you win.

Article: Mick Clifford: -The world tires of keeping up with the Burkes

Research: https://www.one-tab.com/page/jTh4E0JvRqGo4k-_lpZqGA


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